I've always been drawn to water and open country. I started out canoeing, doing multi day expeditions which led into kayaking and whitewater. Once I found out about SUP, I was hooked from the start! From there I fell in love with SUP surfing, rivers, and oceans and then was introduced into prone river surfing. I try to mix it up and always want to progress in every aspect of the sport of river surfing and whitewater SUP! Im an ambassador for Badfish SUP who make some of the most progressive boards for river surfing and whitewater SUP.

In early 2018, I started Surf Dayton, an Ohio community based information site for river surfing and SUP and now offers River Surf and SUP clinics. Check www.surfdayton.com for more information and book your clinic today!

 A few years ago, I decided the 9-5 grind and spending my days in 1 place with all the responsibilities being an adult comes with wasn't for me. My loving adventure dog, Bailey, and I now live in a Dodge Ram Promaster van, that I built out into an RV home, and we now spend our days traveling around in search of waves, whitewater, adventure and fun.  If you spot Bailey and I at a whitewater event, river wave, or drinking beers at the local cantina, don't be afraid to say hello!!!

-Shannon Thomas